Calling all volunteers – join us in 2023

SPAW is looking for volunteer vet and vet nurses to join us on our 2023 field clinics:

  • Vava’u: Friday 14 – Saturday 22 April
  • Samoa: Saturday 3 – Saturday 13 May
  • Tongatapu: Saturday 20 – Saturday 27 May
  • Fiji: Saturday 3 – Saturday 10 June
  • Tongatapu: Friday 19 – Saturday 26 August

SPAW Founder Karen Schade says: “After three years of travel disruptions due to the pandemic, the need on these islands is more critical than ever.

“We are calling on those experienced vet and vet nurses willing to help to sign up to one of our clinics. The volunteer opportunities we offer are incredibly rewarding, they are a chance to give back to animals and communities in need on islands where there is no regular veterinary service.”

About volunteering

Most clinics are five days long, running from a Monday through to Friday, with the total time on island being up to eight days. Clinics are managed by a Lead Vet with a team of veterinarians and vet nurses.

During this time, the team can treat up to 500 animals including cats, dogs and livestock, depending on the size of the team.

This includes conducting surgeries such as desexing, lump removals, wound management, and other surgical procedures.

Volunteers are expected to meet the costs associated with attending a clinic themselves. This includes flights, food and travel insurance.

Full information and briefings are provided prior to each trip.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact

Karen says: “We have volunteers coming back time and time again. It is hard work but it is life-changing and we know the skills and experiences vets and vet nurses can offer the South Pacific islands are so desperately needed.”

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