We improve the health and welfare of South Pacific Island’s animals by providing:

  • Quality veterinary care
  • Education
  • Rewarding volunteer experiences.


Each year SPAW recruits vet and vet nurse volunteers from around the world to treat several thousand animals across multiple South Pacific Islands.


Improving the lives of South Pacific animals

South Pacific Animal Welfare (SPAW) provides free veterinary care to animals living in Pacific Island communities.

SPAW operates regular field clinics staffed by trained veterinary professionals on islands where there is no, or limited access to, regular veterinary care.

SPAW is often the only lifeline to medical care for those animals who are injured or sick. SPAW is also a major contributor to reducing the stray dog and cat populations through our regular desexing clinics. During each clinic, we treat up to 500 animals.

It is our hope that by being present and fostering positive animal welfare activities, over time people will display higher levels of compassion for all animals.

Our services include:

  • Desexing
  • Surgery
  • Health checks
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite control
  • Livestock care

…to as many animals as we can reach during a field clinic.

Rewarding volunteer opportunities

SPAW offers rewarding volunteer opportunities for experienced veterinarians and vet nurses from around the world.

Our volunteers will experience situations that take them out of their comfort zone in challenging, yet highly satisfying, environments.

We are a New Zealand based organisation founded because of our strong historical and cultural connections to the South Pacific alongside a very real need to provide this service.

Quite simply, animals need our help –
to be a voice to better their lives in whatever way we can.

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