SPAW volunteers are unique individuals who share a compassion for animals, a desire to help people in communities who have limited or no access to veterinary care, and who enjoy the concept of giving back.

SPAW volunteers find the volunteer experience satisfying, eye opening and rewarding.

Vets and vet nurses

SPAW offers quality and rewarding volunteer opportunities for qualified veterinarians and veterinary nurses from all around the world. Our volunteers will experience situations that take them out of their comfort zone in challenging and remote locations.

We seek qualified vets and vet nurses with at least two years’ full-time experience to join our clinics to the South Pacific islands.

  • Most clinics are five days long, running from a Monday through to Friday, with the total time on island being up to eight days.
  • Clinics are managed by a Lead Vet with a team of veterinarians and vet nurses. Most clinics take place in one location however some will travel over more than one island.
  • On each clinic, the team can treat up to 500 animals including cats, dogs and livestock, depending on the size of the team. This includes conducting surgeries such as desexing, lump removals, wound management, and other surgical procedures.
  • Volunteers are expected to meet the costs associated with attending a clinic themselves. This includes flights, food and travel insurance.
  • Full information and briefings are provided prior to each trip.

To volunteer or ask any questions, please get in contact with us:

Not a vet or vet nurse?

We would love to hear from animal-lovers with marketing, fundraising and business experience and anyone happy to help at events and promotions.

Community fundraisers are an integral part of our organisation’s success. Our fundraisers are our representatives who get out in their own communities as ambassadors for SPAW. Whether it is a fundraising event or participating in our community fundraising bucket collection days, becoming a SPAW fundraising volunteer is a wonderful way to be part of our organisation and do some good at the same time.

If you are not a vet or vet nurse and would like to be involved with SPAW please contact us on .

Host an event in your home or community

Help us build a strong community of avid SPAW supporters and hold events in your town or city that will educate people about SPAW, our goals and raise funds for us at the same time. Its easy enough – and we can help.

A wonderful way to give your birthday true meaning. Dr. Alex Elson kindly gifted her birthday gifts to SPAW and raised just under $2,000 for our cause. 

People love to give to a worthwhile cause – and any amount is worth the effort:

  • Host a dinner party in your home and ask your guests to make a donation to SPAW
  • Host a birthday party for yourself or your pet and ask for donations in lieu of gifts
  • Organise a fundraising auction, gather gifts from local shops and get your friends and family together for a fun evening raising money for SPAW
  • Hold a fundraising BBQ at your local supermarket or sports club
  • Hold a quiz night in your local pub and get all your friends, family and colleagues along
  • Ask your vet clinic or local pet shop to have a collection bucket on their reception desk for SPAW

To find out more about how you can help, contact us at .

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