The Islands of the South Pacific

Overwater bungalows. Colourful reefs. Clear water. Extreme adventures. There’s a lot to love about the South Pacific as a tourist or intrepid traveller. Sadly however, the life for the animals who inhabit these islands is not usually as appealing. Disease, starvation, injury and uncontrolled breeding all add to a sense of misery for many animals, and the situation can become overwhelming when there is a lack of focus on veterinary aid and education.

South Pacific Animal Welfare is filling a gap. We see our role as that of carer and educator and we work very hard to foster strong relationships with our island partners. We foster positive change by being present and giving freely. Generally, the islands we work with have few or no registered veterinarians. Our focus therefore is to work collaboratively with Governments and educate and upskill where we can to benefit an island’s own animal welfare resources in the mid-longer term. SPAW not only delivers free aid, we also provide training and upskilling to local vet technicians who work with us as part of our team.