Premium Partner – Zoetis NZ

Zoetis NZ has been a life line of support to the SPAW organisation for 8 years. Zoetis provides SPAW with a product endorsement package annually. In addition, their staff volunteer in an annual clinic that also offers funded spaces for veterinary nurses from New Zealand. The input Zoetis makes to the south pacific positively impacts the lives of thousands of animals, encourages life changing volunteer opportunities to veterinary professionals and inspires change by helping SPAW continue to be present in pacific island communities as a key provider of veterinary care in our region.



Business Supporters

Thanks to these business who provide discounted or donated stock to our organisation.

  • Kahu Vet
  • Shoof Vet
  • Boehringer Ingelheim

On-island Partners

SPAW is fortunate to have the support of on island business and animal welfare agencies who work with us.

  • Kingdom Travel Centre, The Kingdom of Tonga
  • The Ministry of Food, Forresty and Fisheries, The Kingdom of Tonga
  • Ministry of Police, Kingdom of Tonga
  • Host a Vet, Vava’u
  • West Animals Trust, Fiji
  • SPCA, Cook Islands
  • Te Are Manu Veterinary Clinic, Cook Islands
  • Animal Protection Society, Samoa
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Niue

We extend a huge thanks to the many veterinary clinics around New Zealand who donate product to us each year.

To talk to us about donating product or sponsorship please email enquiries@spaw.org.nz




We are a New Zealand based organisation founded because of our strong historical and cultural connections to the Pacific plus a very real need to provide this service. Quite simply, animals need our help – to be a voice to better their lives in whatever way we can. Welcome to our journey.

Contact SPAW
Telephone   + 64 27 527 3642
Email     enquiries@spaw.org.nz


South Pacific Animal Welfare is a registered charity in New Zealand.

Our registration number is: CC46408