The history of the Niue Island can be traced back to a 1000 years when the Polynesian settles came here. Traces of Pukapulan dialect are still there in the native language which is based on the Samoan and Tongan language. The Polynesian settlers were raters isolated as there was very little inter island trade and the existence of the limestone island was in itself very difficult due to lack of rivers and cultivable soil.

The island of Niue is one of the smallest island countries in the Pacific Ocean. It is a small and beautiful country, friendly in nature and now emerging as a major tourist stop in the Pacific Ocean.

The Tongans called it Behold Coconuts when they first discovered the island of Niue. The word Niue means Behold Coconuts in the native Tongan and Samoan language. The rock island just 1500 miles to the north east of New Zealand had huge straight cliffs of more 60 feet height rising out of sea. The Island was full of coconut trees initially and hence was given the name Niue. The population of the island is miniscule and sometimes in the fall the number of whales visiting the island outnumbers the visiting humans.

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