Our Services

Our Services

Veterinary Care, Spaying and Neutering, Animal Husbandry – Livestock care, Humane Education, Training and Skills Development, Community Outreach, Assisted Companion Animal Export Services

Our Missionur Mission

South Pacific Animal Welfare’s mission is to provide sustainable community based animal management programmes that benefit island communities animal welfare efforts long term.

It is our goal to see on-island expertise in the various areas of animal welfare develop – we knowledge share and pass on our skills.

Our Values

Quality Service

As a humane organisation working in the very serious and important area of animal care we work hard to ensure that our programmes deliver quality above all else – quality animal care and quality expertise.

In our programme planning quality is at the forefront when we recruit the expertise needed to deliver these services and resource our clinics.

Cultural Awareness

Critical to our success is that we have empathy to the cultural environments we work in. SPAW works with local stakeholders to ensure cultural expectations are respected.  Providing cultural inductions to our volunteers, working with island stakeholders and providing translated educational materials are examples of this value in action.


We work with a variety of stakeholders on and off island who enable us to develop and foster practices that are sustainable.  Sustainable animal management programmes must include an opportunity for local people to develop their own knowledge and skills in animal welfare.


We never work alone. Our goals and services require collaboration with stakeholders not only on islands but from all around the world – volunteers, industry suppliers, supporters, donors and sponsors.  Anyone involved in any aspect of our programmes is an important and valued member of our global team.  Working together with respect and integrity is our approach.

“You cannot change the world by saving one animal, but you can change the world for that one animal”, help us and be that change, donate today.

We are a New Zealand based organisation founded because of our strong historical and cultural connections to the Pacific plus a very real need to provide this service. Quite simply, animals need our help – to be a voice to better their lives in whatever way we can. Welcome to our journey.

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Telephone   + 64 27 527 3642
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South Pacific Animal Welfare is a registered charity in New Zealand.

Our registration number is: CC46408